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Welcome to Donelson Christian Academy and the 4th Annual Music City Show Choir Invitational! We could not be more excited to host your school and we are so grateful that you have chosen to join us on this adventure for Legacy Show Choir as a dream becomes true! For many years, we have talked about how much we would like to host our own competition where other show choirs in surrounding states could perform in our home state. This dream has become reality with the support of our DCA administration, DCA Faculty/Staff and the Legacy family, past and present. Thank you so much for making history with us!


Thank you for supporting your family and friends as they use their God-given talents and gifts while participating in something that cannot be reflected on a standardized test or assessed by a “bubble”. I am surrounded by people today, and every day, who understand the value of a child finding a place to belong, learning what it takes to work together in a group to accomplish a goal and developing the self-discipline it takes to honor the many commitments required of a show choir member. These students have not only learned the skills to be excellent musicians, but they have learned the skills to be successful in any chosen profession. But maybe most importantly, they have made memories to last a lifetime. That would not happen without the support of their family and the dedication of their directors.


Thank you again for coming and participating in our fourth competition! We hope this will not be your last visit. Please come again as we try to learn and improve in order to be the best competition experience for students, directors and their supporters.


Missy Cook

DCA Choral Director


Having been a parent at DCA for 13 years, I was beyond excited to be a part of the Inaugural Music City Show Choir Invitational in the Spring of 2020.  My daughter was a part of the choral department for seven years and also on the set crew for DCA's Legacy's show choir.  After traveling to several competitions and countless conversations with Missy, we jumped in...all in!  God was with us every step of the way and it was the most amazing day.  I can remember standing in the gym watching all of the show choirs together, dancing and laughing during the award ceremony.  I cling to that image as it was the last time our seniors were in the high school together before a devastating tornado took their school just a few days later.  This spring, our competition, as well as many others, could not happen due to COVID. we come 2023!

I am more than honored to work alongside Missy to make this event the very best it can be.  I remember making notes after our first competition to consider for the next competition.  We learned a great deal this year in so many ways.  We have been tried and tested this past year, that is for sure, but with God leading the way, we are certainly stronger.  I am beyond excited for this upcoming competition and we know these kids are using their gifts the way He intended.

Debi Karschner

MCSCI Competition Coordinator

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