Howdeeeeey (said in best Minnie Pearl Voice) from Nashville, TN!


My name is Missy Cook and I am the director of Legacy Show Choir from Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville, TN.  We would love to have you attend the 3rd Annual Music City Show Choir Invitational.  Some of the choirs reading this attended our first ever competition at DCA.  We were so thankful for your participation and your graciousness as we were learning in the process.  Legacy would love to have you on campus again if your schedule allows.  


In 2020, we had no idea that one weekend after our first competition, that our school would be devastated by a tornado.  Fortunately, the middle and high school portion of our building were not affected as much as our elementary wing which had to be completely demolished.  After our rebuild is completed this fall...we will finally have a BRAND NEW AUDITORIUM for our Fine Arts Department!!!!  We have been waiting 20 years for this addition and this has reminded me that God surely "makes beautiful things out of the dust". 


In 2020, we were very pleased with the quality of sound we were able to have in our space and our stage crew was amazing on competition day. We had an army of parent volunteers to help serve everyone with southern hospitality.  We stayed right on schedule and had plenty of room for everyone to watch their favorite choirs. With COVID prayerfully behind us and with our brand new space...we are beyond excited to host your show choirs and we look forward to seeing you! 


Please let me know if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way. Have a great day! 

Missy Cook
Donelson Christian Academy
Choral Director